Tours4Tips Valparaiso


Tours 4 Tips Valparaiso is your best introduction to Valparaiso, Chile´s most talked about coastal town. 

Beautiful, exciting, artistic, dirty, crazy, strange, romantic and unforgettable are all words used to describe this city that after 300 years is still reinventing itself.  This seaside town, known as Chaotic San Francisco, was built over 45 seaside hills connected by a maze-like system of side-streets, endless stairways and incline elevators to support one of the late 19th century?s most important merchant ports in the world. 

As a UNESCO heritage site, its crumbling palaces are being converted into boutique hotels, artist?s workshops and stores, 5-star restaurants and wild nightclubs.  Our tip-based walking tour guides you through the maze of Valparaiso to see 19th century mansions; climb stairways lined with grafitti art; and meet local residents to experience the vibe of this living city up close.  At the end of the tour, you decide how much you feel it?s worth with your anonymous tip.

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